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.02 The Dead

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The Dead is a series of upcoming zombie games developed by Corncrow Games, the series will span over multiple genres and platforms, first out is The Dead: Chapter One, a first-person zombie shooter available for free on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Chapter one - Prolouge

Chaos reigns as the city has fallen into the hands of the living dead. They are everywhere and there seems to be nowhere to hide. The young family still unaffected by this unholy plague, decides to make a break for it and try to reach their cabin up in the mountains.

It soon turns out that the zombie infestation has reached even this peaceful remote outpost. Now it's just a case of trying to survive the onslaught so you can continue to protect your loved ones.

The gameplay

With little to none possibilities to dig in, in the open planned cabin, you have to try to conserve your ammunition the best you can, while simuntaneously moving around wisely in the small cabin house to effectively annihilate the undead threat.

The DEAD: Chapter One is a FPS that puts the player in focus. This is the future of handheld hardcore gaming, which has more in common with SONY's PSP/Vita rather than the mainstream of smartphone games.

Future plans

The game is still under development, growing and growing daily, with added new levels, zombies, weapons and gameplay tweaks. Corncrow games listens carefully to what the community wants and tries to implement as much as possible of this in their upcoming updates.

You can follow the discussions regarding further development on the dedicated facebook page:

The DEAD: Chapter One is available for free on both the Appstore and Android Market


  • The Dead: Chapter one

    The Dead: Chapter one

  • The Dead: Chapter one

    The Dead: Chapter one

  • The Dead: Chapter one

    The Dead: Chapter one