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.02 Darklords

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Darklords is simply and pure tablegame fun, without the hassle of setting up a table and reading rules for hours on end. Play online with friends or compete against the AI and enjoy the added thrills and effects made possible in a digital setting.


Darklords is a turn-based digital board-game, set in a mystical, dark and brutally enchanted world, a game of summoning and dark magic.

You take on the role as a commander of dark forces, a Darklord, your goal is to expand your power and advance against total domination in the realm plane of Decay, you'll have to go head to head with other Darklords.

The Game

With your Darklord you can summon powerful beings from other planes of reality to fight at your side and use them strategicly to gain an advantage over your opponent.

The playfield in Darklords is a chessboard like map, constructed by hexagonal pieces, with obstacles/enviromental pieces and the all-important mana-pools.

Are your mind powerful enough to rise to the challenge and conquer the realm of Decay? You'll have to use your brain as good strategy is the key to a victorious output in this game.


Darklords is currently in a stage of early development and we will post updates regarding the game during the course of it's progress.

We here at Corncrow Games are always interested in all kind's of feedback from the community. Who knows? Your ideas might make it into the final game.


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