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.02 Cybots

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BattleCards: Cybots is completely developed for the digital age, making it the fastest and most natural flowing multiplayer cardgame to date despite its age.

BattleCards: Cybots

Over ten years ago (2000), the company developed a complete massive multiplayer card game engine, free to play with digital distribution and with secure micro transactions.

Numerous years ahead of its time, the market was not ready for all this revolutionary technology, things that we take for granted today. Cybots was (and still is) a benchmark for how things should work and what the whole gaming industry is heading towards today.

The Game

This game is set to take place in a future where mankind has perished. It is a harsh and cruel world, where constant wars are raging between factions, groups and orders. It is a universe without order and without emotions.

Biological life forms have been totally annihilated and synthetic or technologic life forms are the rulers of this new universe. The constant wars have been going on for millenniums and no one longer knows why or cares, it is the way of life. The robots have orders to attack and defend. They will follow these orders for millenniums to come too. A world of chaos, destruction and disorder.

You take on the role of a synthetic commander, your mission is to deploy forces against your enemys base while simultaneously defending your own trough strategical card based gameplay.

The game features a massive amount of unique Cybots cards, each with it's own artwork, skills and abilities, players can put together their own customized decks trough the built in deckbuilder, trade cards with other players or even gamble for them with built in mini-games.


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