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Our recipe for success

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Corncrow Games AB, a Swedish game development studio, and subsidiary of Datacraft Europe AB, formed in 1999, has been leading the way of game development for over a decade, always one step ahead.

Our mission

Here at Corncrow Games we concentrate our work on quality and innovative ideas. The company develops games, tools, game systems and delivers work-for-hire/consultant services for most areas of the game industry. No platform or programming language is foreign to us. We work with development of game servers for massively multi-player games, digital distribution solutions, web-based social games, mobile games, game consoles, PC and Mac games; we work with pretty much anything the client needs.

Our mission is to deliver games that the players will pay for, and the services that our clients need, above and beyond expectation.

Our history

Starting in 1999 we saw the coming of games like Ultima Online, Asherons Call and Everquest. As a small studio we quickly decided that we could, or should not, compete with these type of games, even though that particular market, the massively multiplayer market, catched our eye. All these three titles demanded time from the players and to compete with them we had to go in a totally different direction. Our games had to be free to play, since they required monthly payments, be built for digital distribution, since they were boxed and shipped to stores where you had to pay for the content before trying it and finally not demand that much time from the players, which lead to limited match/play time and no grinding..our Battlecards system was born, along with the online trading card game, Cybots.

From there on we have continued with our belives, that digital distribution, free-to-play and alternative mmog is the future, along with viral marketing.

Now we work with delivering our services to many of the best selling titles and companies in the world, as well as delivering our own games and products.

Our future

As the areas we have been working in, for over a decade, are not only the most popular game areas right now, but also areas where most development studios and publishers lack the experience and knowledge of, our services are becoming more and more in demand.

Lately we have seen the rise of the mobile market. Corncrow Games quickly saw the potential in this market and now has several developers specialized on mobile app/game development.

Our team

Our team here at Corncrow Games consists of both experienced/veterans, with over 20 years of experience from the game industry, as well as new talents that knows how to work their magic. We all share the passion for digital/computer games.